Auto-Start Apache on OS X?

I’ve just installed my own version of Apache on my Mac, and have ensured the built-in Apache installation is disabled. It all works as long as you run apache as root (using ‘sudo’), but I’m wondering how I get apache to automatically start on boot? On Ubuntu, it’s as simple as calling “apachectl” from the “/etc/rc.local” file, but I have no idea what an appropriate method on OS X would be, especially considering that apache on OS X seems to require root privileges in order to bind to port 80. Hopefully someone with a bit of Apache + OS X experience can help me?


Windows also has auto-start service (like Mac’s daemons) and the user “startup” folder normally contained in the start menu. OS X has the “Login Items” feature, but it doesn’t allow you pass command line arguments such as “apachectl -k start”. Also, considering OS X doesn’t support shortcuts like Windows, you can’t simply point to a shortcut that contains those arguments already. I’m not saying the Windows way in therefore superior, because I don’t like Windows much (despite it being my main OS since I can remember), but at least it offers a simple solution in this case, albeit not very elegant.


Sorry, mate, it’s been too many years since I’ve played with a Mac.

On the other hand, WinDoze has two options: Autoexec.bat and the registry. While more dangerous, I’d go with the Mac equivalent of the registry method (Load) as it is the root’s method to load, well, everything.