Auto scroll images


Is there a way to autoscroll these images?

Thank you.

No mention of autoscroll in the documents but clicking on an image works in firefox but not IE
If you are looking for auto scroll I would look for something else; there are a lot of similar examples in Jquery and there must be one that does what you want.

Thank you. I managed to combine the script so that the play button would work but when I tried to combine the big image too, it wouldn’t work.

I’d like to create an image gallery which has the same fade in effect as the below:

and it has the arrows to go left or right but I don’t need the bottom thumbnails bit. I also need it to be automatic fade transitions from image one to another.

Please can someone help or suggest any scripts on the net which already has this functionality?

Thank you!


I would use this plugin: jCarousel

Then as per this StackOverflow answer, I would simulate the fading myself.

    visible: 1,
    scroll: 1, 
    itemLoadCallback: {
        onBeforeAnimation: mycarousel_fadeOut,
        onAfterAnimation: mycarousel_fadeIn

function mycarousel_fadeOut(carousel) {
    var JCcontainerID =;
    $('#' + JCcontainerID).fadeOut();

function mycarousel_fadeIn(carousel) {
    var JCcontainerID =;
    $('#' + JCcontainerID).fadeIn();