Auto-Responder Script: Interspire [bi-weekly needed!]

I’m looking for a SCRIPT (Not a downloadable .exe) that has the option of sending out emails at least twice a week, more is fine.

I have Interspire’s email marketing script and have been using it for a while, but it only has the option to send e.g. 24hrs/2days/2months etc. after a subscriber subscribes. Not continuously. Any help would be appreciated.:rolleyes:

Why not get a coder to modify your copy of emailmarketer? It is open source, and it will probably be cheaper than buying a new script. Emailmarketer is very powerful, and you only need one mod. Maybe or can help you find a good php coder who can do this for you.

Aweber or getresponse is your best bet! Never had problems with them and i have 2,400 sites hosted through them for my landing pages