Auto-post to Google+ with RSS feed?

Facebook and Twitter both allow this, but I haven’t found a way to do this with Google+.

Does anyone know how?

Google+ doesn’t offer the same level of APIs as Twitter and Facebook thus posting in is more limited.

However the big question isn’t how you do it but why you’d want to automate push postings. What are you hoping to achieve?

Well i guess you need to wait until some Nerd developer comes in with a software that does that for Google+ ;)…

The idea is to be able to post just once and have it go to every social networking website, instead of having to do each manually. If Google doesn’t offer this option, then I think many businesses will rule it out.

Does not sound very sociable lol!
On the one hand you are saying you want to promote the firm as being everyones buddy online dispensing tidbits of trivia across the SN’s
and in the same breath telling us you cannot be bothered to spend 3 to 5 seconds performing a manual cut, paste & send a few times a day
because it’s not cost effective?

Removing the human from the loop pretty much makes the whole concept of Social Networking sites redundant IMHO,
still where there is a will there is way and in the abscence of an API from Google then one could try using cURL to spoof
the POST variables & viewstate or session code information. Of course if Google search URL interface is anything to go by it
will be a complete swine to mimic using just a regular web server however Greasemonkey or dJuggler should be able to swing it.

Why auto-post when you can personally connect with friends and followers when posts are manually posted? Facebook, Twitter and Google+ - these three networking sites are your campaign’s sub-identity. In real life, these websites are the public parks. People choose to go in public parks to bond with their family, friends and create more friends. During election, political candidates distribute some goodies in public parks to create buzz. The park is their ideal haven for persuasion.

Same thing with Facebook, Twitter and Google+, it’s not an effective way of connecting when you’re relying on auto-posting. Find time to sign-in, manually post your link and socialize with various users.

Hello Guys,

I’ve read a post about auto post in Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. I’m not just sure if the method mentioned in the post can also be applicable to Google+. Here is the link to the post. I hope it can help.

I checked what’s in the URL, and I saw that comparison chart. It doesn’t have Google+ in it, but some of them had just checks on the “Other Social Network Support” row. Have you actually used these programs, apps, or whatever, Mikey?

Google+'s API does not support posting [yet] thus unless the app comes from them or some sort of exclusive partner it’s not going to work.

This third party API is working quite fine:

They also have plugin for Wordpress that auto-posts to Google+

Since the op has not returned to this thread and the last answer (before today’s) was in July, I think this thread is best closed.