Auto geneate child item with sequential classes such as item-1, item-2 etc

I can generate 10, 20, and 30 children divs with sequential order, but could not create or add one more class such as .item-1, .item2.
I have attached a GIF for better understanding.

Does anyone knows how to create internal child HTML elements with the said relative class such as .item-1, .item-2,.........item-10, etc
Multiple divs

Like this →

What editor are you using? Whatever you’re doing is a function of your editor, not of HTML.

Edit: I can read. GIF tells me it’s Emmet Abbreviation being parsed there.

So… looking at the Documentation (which should always be your first stop)…
it should just be…
.item.item$*30 ?


OK. Vs Code.

er sorry, you wanted the text in there too… so…


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Thank you so much.

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