Auto filling form solution?

i want to make a forum that nobody can fill that through any software automatically
i make this one with java script authentications but some one also make a break of this and and he fill this software only in one click with automatic way
this one which i make

any better solutions using php or any other function that users must have to post every input field separately manually …if yes Please suggest me thanks

AKA ‘how to prevent bots’

the answer is: Impossible to prevent completely.

The general philosophy is ‘make it difficult and hope they’ll just go away.’

From what you’re showing, you want to prevent direct action on your form; I do this as thus: (EDIT: Simplified to non-Database format)

if(isset($_POST['skey'] && $_POST['skey'] == $_SESSION['skey']) {
    //Do whatever it is the thing is supposed to do.

$skey = uniqid(time(),true); //Yeah i know it's redundant, but eh, what can i say.
$_SESSION['skey'] = $skey;
echo "<form ...blahdeblah....><input type='hidden' name='skey' value='".$skey."'>";

NOTE: This method will mean that refreshing the page will NOT submit data again.

This of course wont stop a bot from loading the page and using the skey value to post it’s data.

looking not bad :slight_smile: any other more strong methods