Auto close html after time delay, possible?

i have developed a video based newsletter which is to be distributed on cd - it is a trial run as we have had feedback regarding incompatability with our previous versions, so i figured an html based version should be good for all.

at present there is a button at the bottom that they can click to exit the cd - this works well, too well, it does it instantly. what i would like as a finishing touch is it to go to another page for about 5 sec, saying “thanks for your time…have you seen our website recently” or somethign like that and then close.

how would i go about this?
i have looked at autoredirects and the current way by modifying the OnClick - but i don’t know what to change it to to make it do it automatucally.

Thanks Again

Link to another page. Add this script in at the top of the page you link to:

<script type="text/javascript">
function ( )
}, 5000 );

This should close the window 5 seconds after the page loads.

thanks for that was just what i needed.

vgarcia - you should head back to tinyplanet for a cameo appearance - there be life in them thar hills again.