Auto click a button


I have not seen error message because code never works.
what is complete code.? the code that m_hutley said "location.assign(URLHere)" does not work.
I want open urls from same domain in same tab with greasemonkey. for example if has been opened in a tab and then i try to open in new tab. greasemonkey automatically redirect me to existing tab which has been opened. Exactly operation of "open link in existing tab extension" for chrome. I use firefox but firefox has not addon similar this


I tried this code:

setTimeout(openUrl, 10000); // Wait 10 seconds

function openUrl(){



This code opens in all windows. i would like this code opens in first window not in other windows


have you any idea?


How to cancel this window with addon


FWIW window.location.assign() works perfectly fine for me from a GM user script...

What would you rather like to happen? Your browser just tells you that you're trying to open a binary file it doesn't understand... are you actually trying to open the page like this?


No i like cancel or close this window whit GM or Addon



How to click this button with GS:

<button onclick="closemultisurf();" class="button binfo"> Close Windows </button>


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