Auto Browser Re-Size....?

Not what i would like but the client wants the browser re-sized on the site loading/refreshing…

Been using the following and it works fine… apart from in Safari.

Any idea how i can get it working in Safari, or no chance?

	$(document).ready(function() {
	window.resizeTo(1152, 866);

Cheers :slight_smile:

Yeah, so the windows resizes to 912x684 and then no one is happy :wink:

LOL. One tab wants to be 800x600, the other 1024x768. I haven’t used resizeTo for so long I didn’t even think of that scenario! :smiley:

Like the anti-drugs message goes … Just Say No!

It will be very annoying for those who don’t know where to find the option in their browser to turn off your ability to do that.

It will also totally mess up all the other pages loaded in the other tabs in their browser at the same time - even worse if some of those pages do the same thing.

please, I urge you to try and convince your client that this isn’t in his best interests (unless this is for some internal/intranet app)

The resizeTo() function is disabled in Safari (Chrome too, I think) unless you open a popup which contains only the one page (i.e. provide a width and height for the pop-up window). Of course, this may be blocked by ad/ pop-up blockers.

Best solution? Don’t resize the window :slight_smile: