Authors, please give us Gibbons a chance

I’ve just spent three days reading the website and I want to make a plea to everyone that reads this post, “Please don’t make the same design mistake”.
Let me explain. Month picker is great, works as it should BUT, it’s written by a clever person and I’m not, so when I read instructions I realised that the author has marooned monthPicker on an island with no instructions on how to communicate with the outside world.
What is “OnAfterChooseMonth: { … }”? It’s a lost opportunity to show the users of monthPicker how to send data from inside that { … } to say a PHP function to return data to the webpage maybe into a HTML template.
So, if you ever write any instructions PLEASE get a Gibbon to read and comment on your work first, it will save the rest of us Gibbons a great deal of time and effort!

Have you posted an issue on the GitHub page?

I suggest using the date input whenever possible and to avoid any 3rd party datepicker libraries. This allows the device to determine what is the best way to let the user select a date and provide a consistent UI that the user should know an understand.

Also, this library has not been updated in over 2yrs. I would not suggest using it if you were to use a 3rd party date picker. Raising issues on GitHub are unlikely to do any good.


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