Authorization Error On Production Site

Hi there, I’ve just about completed my first real website and have uploaded all files to the production server and have also copied up the SQL database. I’ve verified that the files are there and have modified web.config so that it will connect to the live database rather than my local one and also have verified that the database has been uploaded successfully.

However whenever I try to access ANY page on the live site I get an authenticaion screen popping up and no matter what u/ i enter it just keeps bouncing back. If I cancel I get an 401.3 error.

Can anyone give me guidance on how best to fix this? This is the first site I’ve tried to launch so I’m not familiar with what changes need to be made (if any) to move from testing to production servers. Thanks in advance.

You can view the error at

you have to check the setting of IIS on the production server. I’m not so sure of your actual case but make sure the version is the right one for your application

Thanks for that - turns out that that particular issue was due to the host not moving us to a server with enabled! (Site still not working, however, getting a System.OutOfMemoryException error now …)

Related to your post, however, I noticed that our hosts only mention having .NET 2.0 enabled and in my web.config file there are references to assemblies (System.Core, System.Web.Extensions for example but NOT System.Design and System.Windows.Forms) which have as their version.

Will this cause a problem? And if so should I change them manually or how to do i do that?

If your host only supports 2.0 it’s not a big deal as long as you are not using 3.5 specific features like linq for example. If you are not using 3.5 features you can edit the properties of your application and target 2.0.

Right-click on your project->Properties->Application tab->Target Framework=2.0