Australian IP Address

i am designing a script which detects from your ip if your from australia, does anybody know the ip range for australia?

IP ranges are not handed out by country, rather, they are handed out to service providers

you’ll have to grab an “IP to country” database, and pull all the rows for australia from it

Well, if you can call Linux weird, I guess your spot on :wink:

He’s just packed the file with GNU Gzip, similar to zip, rar etc that is more commonly used on windows machines.

I assume its packed due to the size of the file, text files can be compressed a lot. Easily making a several hundred MB txt file into less than hundred MB.

Heres a list of IP’s for Austrailia as of 1 March, are you sure you want to type all these in :wink:


But youd be better subscribing to a database (as per R937’s reply) to keep these up to date.

unknown file type .gz

are you on some kind of weird operating system? what’s wrong with plain old .txt ?


of course, why did i not go download some software to unpack it :rolleyes:

** news flash **

welcome to the 21st century

we’re not on 14.4 baud dialup any more, toto




i’m sorry, i guess my subtlety was lost on you, so i’ll state it more bluntly

there’s no friggin way i’m going to go and download some software to unzip a file that shouldn’t have been zipped in the first place

this reminds me of those sites that keep telling me that IE isn’t a real browser

it’s very off-putting



So you have upgraded to 36.6k as well? Must say I love the higher speed :wink:

Well, if you really wanted the content of the file you would most probably do so :rolleyes:

Though, I agree with you after taking a look on the file. It did not really need to be compressed.

Guess Im just of the old school, as I must honestly say I actually prefer to download compressed files over non compressed. Less file corruption that way.

Not lost on me at all, just showing the rag to the bull :smiley:

ok back on subject, is there a site i can subscribe so for updates for these ip address’s

Yes there are many, some offer limited free services which may be enough for you.

google ‘IP geolocation database’ and see what suits you.

One which has both a free and paid version, is MaxMind - GeoLite Country | Open Source IP Address to Country Database

I have not used their geoip database, but we are using the fraud system they have.

For geoip we use a paid license from IP Address Geolocation to Identify Website Visitor’s Geographical Location if you require only ip to country its pretty inexpensive.