Audio / Sound Graph or Visualizer


I have a fully loaded Linux Server and i am making a PHP Web Application on it.

There is a part which use Microphone i.e. user speaks from microphone and it is recorded into file.

I want to know it Is It Possible to make something like this in a PHP Web Application (even use of Ajax, or JQuery) as shown in the image below (please click on the image bcoz it is small)

A somekind of graphical bar or visual bar which shows that user is speaking and it goes up and down accordingly (as we have in many windows applications for e.g. Skype, Msn etc)

If it is possible to make something like this in PHP then kindly tell. It will be v.interesting.



It’s possible that you could force something to work in some browsers with PHP or (much more likely) JavaScript, but it would way, way easier to just use Flash.

The only way you can do this is using flash or a java applet (not javascript) in the browser. If you want audio capture on the server you’ll need an rtmp server there too.

I don’t know if it’s impossible with JavaScript. I think Firefox 4+ support an Audio Data API, but I have absolutely no experience with it.