Attempted hack from Amazon server

I have just had a report from my server about an attempted hack and it came from a Amazon server so I thought I would report it to Amazon.
After a bit of a search I found a form to fill in and the first part was straight forward name address etc. and this was in a “Private Information section.”

I then looked at the next section which was marked:

Forwarded (public) Information

If we are able to identify an EC2 customer causing the reported abuse, we will forward the information you give below to them. The email address you provided in the previous section will not be shared, but our customer can respond to you indirectly via email by using our response webform.

This is a bit off putting as I am going to report a hack attempt and Amazon are going to submit everything I tell them about the attempt onto the hacker!
I do not suppose they will be able to guess who submitted the report without the email address or perhaps they might be able to deduce it from all the information I am going to disclose to them.

I get very annoyed by companies like this; if I send them proof of a hack attempt they should act upon it.

Amazon doesn’t have any obligation to you since you’re not a EC2 customer reporting abuse. It is really a courtesy that they even offer to look into issues like this for none paying customers. Amazon is a business and it is in their best interest to protect their customers.It is your responsibility to secure technology which you have ownership over. Comparable to leaving the house with all the windows and doors wide open and expecting not to be robbed.

@oddz response is a bit sharp, but I can see the reasoning behind it. Amazon will defend paying clients/customers over non-paying individuals as a best business practice. Otherwise, their clients would flock elsewhere, with a quickness.

As long as you have proof, and as long as Amazon is not sending your contact information to said client, it should be quickly resolved. And who knows… it may NOT be the Amazon client, but someone who hacked that client’s account, or is spoofing their real location using an Amazon IP. Forensic experts should be able to determine that.



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