Atomz search replacement

I’ve been using Atomz as the search engine for my websites but they have been discontinued by its latest owner. I’m searching for a new search provider. Any ideas?

  • I know I can use Google but I’d rather not :rolleyes:
  • The ZOOM search engine requires Windows to index the website. I’m Mac only. :cool:
  • Pico Search will be discontinued this year. :frowning:

My preference would be for something remote and as hands-off as Atomz but I’m willing to use search software that runs on my servers, best would be open source php. :slight_smile:


Fwiw, I use Zoom, it’s really good. I appreciate you’re a Mac man, but all you’d need is a lousy used win laptop that can connect to the web (mine is a nightly windows task), index your pages and ftp it up. Job done

nass, thanks for your reply. I much prefer the search script to run (by itself) on the server, I already forget too many things without adding another task to my routine. :wink:

I found a list of php and PERL scripts that might work. I’m more comfortable with php never having used PERL. There are two php scripts. Sphider seems to have an active following while I can’t connect to the website.


Yeah, I remember I considered Sphider, looked good – can’t remember why I went Zoom in the end. I know what you mean about too many tasks :slight_smile: