Assistance Required

Am doing a subscription site with payment gateway integrated, which offers journals to the users -


  1. free - here he can access only one issue of each journals - there are 6 issues
  2. print - here he can access online ebook of all journals of all 6 issues
  3. web - here he can access only the pdf and ebook of all journals of all 6 issues

The Subscription process as of now:

  1. Free user wants to become print or web subscriber
  2. He has logged in
    2a. If he has not logged in can create the account
  3. Goes to cart - since he is logged in - no need of again filling up the form
    3a.Not logged in - click the login button in top navigation
  4. He can directly click the add to cart - proceed to checkout
  5. Pay the money through payment gateway
  6. Admin will get a Order notification
  7. Admin checks has the payment been done from their account
  8. Confirms the payment - Customer gets the mail - His order has been processed
  9. Admin moves the Free User to Print/Web subscription
  10. Next login the free user will be print/web user

Am using Wishlist membership plugin and Woocommerce shopping cart plugin. Both are wordpress plugins.

The Query is:
When the subscription expires of the paid user(print or web) will again become a free user - how to renew his subscription with the same details - Is there a way once he pays - give him a link and he can update his membership.

Is there a php hook, filter or function which can be included it happens automatically.

Please assist.