Assigning an og:image to a Post - specifically for Facebook Post Thumbnails

Does anyone have an easy and consistent way to assign a correctly cropped image for Facebook? I’m using Yoast SEO and this has turned into a hit-and-miss solution for me. Sometimes it’s cropped right, sometimes it’s not. Sometimes it doesn’t seem to work at all.
And am I the only one who gets incorrect thumbnails from Facebook Debugger? Lately the image it originally shows is never what I end up with.
And one more quick question… Has anyone had tried using a Wordpress thumbnail of an image as Facebook post thumbnail? Sometimes I just need a scaled down version of my Wordpress Post Image and some thumbnails that have already been generated would be perfect but how could I assign them as the og:image?

Sorry for the late response…
First off, did you find a solution? Facebook has become one of the single most frustrating things in my Wordpress experience. I too use Yoast and Facebook Debugger and both are extremely inconsistent. What I did that helps is create a “Dummy” Facebook account that I post to to see what thumbnail will be displayed. But, I will say this … right on par with Facebook I’ve noticed even that is inconsistent. The same thumbnail may not be displayed if I share it again.
I have tried what you suggested, using a generated thumbnail’s URL but that doesn’t work either.
The best thing I’ve found for me is either create a 1024X512 image or a 160X160 image (depending on what I want to display), assign it as the og:image and keep hitting the “Fetch New Scrape Information” button in Facebook Debugger. Sometimes it seems to take longer to happen though. Once again, I feel your pain.
Good Luck! Please share if you find something that works.

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