ASP.NET Videos Upload and Play

Hi all,

I’ve a requirement which is a bit similar to youtube,
I need to upload the videos(.flv or .mpeg) with size limit less than 7Mb to my SQL Server 2005 database,this part will be administered from the backend control panel.
Later on, those uploaded videos needs to be displayed on the front end site which when clicked on a video to be played.

I dont want any source code or anything, i want only your advises on how to achieve this, i can do myself the backend video upload process and display them on the frontend site in a grid view, but i need to play them when i select any row in the data grid.

Can anyone please help me…
Many Thanks,

If you want to upload any format video and convert it to flv or mp4. Or any other format. I suggest you use ffmpeg. It will however need to be .flv or .mp4 for it to play on a website. A few others would also work, but those are the best IMO.

To play them. I suggest you either use flowplayer or JW player. They are the only 2 flash videos players I use.

I hope this helps

If you want to upload any format video and convert it to flv or mp4. Or any other format. I suggest you use ffmpeg. It will however need to be .flv or .mp4 for it to play on a website. A few others would also work, but those are the best IMO.

To play them. I suggest you either use flowplayer or JW player. They are the only 2 flash videos players I use.

I hope this helps

Hi Thanks alot for the comeback,

I now succeeded uploading the videos(.mpeg, .wmv, .avi) formats to a folder,
now i need to implement the flash player on my front end site, need to follow your suggestion here,
i’m using ffmpeg to convert all my videos to .flv format.
can you please give me an idea how to play them?
My another doubt is, i’m now saving all my videos to a folder on my server, will there be any chance of tampering these videos(.flv format) using website downloaders??
because i divided my videos to 2 sections on my site one is for free and the others for paid members.
Can you please clarify this…

Many Thanks again for the comeback…

Yes, you would be able to download them. Unless u put security on the files or folder. As I am sure you are streaming the files. So in ur .net code the the streaming is done, u can do the check i guess.

To play the video. Go to Download the player. They also have very easy to follow instructions on how to implement it. See what you can get right there. If you get stuck, post some code and I will help as much as I can

That thing is awesome. I wish I had found it before imlementing 42 million different flash video players.

I have to agree. There are a LOT of rubbish players out there. I have been through my fair share as well before finding this one.


I completed the functionality which i discussed with you without any problems…
cool job, but i need to apply theming to JW player, i’m displaying all my swf files as thumbnails on front end site, which when clicked plays the swf file in a new window.
my requirement is, i need to play all the videos on the same page itself, i.e when i click on any thumbnail, the player should block the UI and play.

i;ve been trying for this, i mplemented it for youtube video links. but i’m unavle to do this for dymanic video links…

just 've a glance over it which i need to implement…

Silverlight smokes Flash. Plus, you can write it in C# and XAML, really good if you are windows/web developer. Sure, no-one has the plug-in right now but, it is only in version 3, and already superior to Flash. Lack of browsers without Silverlight plugin will change soon, god bless Windows Updater.

I’m going to be like Rambo to the Adobe people, they won’t know what hit them, until it’s over. It’s funny, people down the “Evil Empire” that is Microsoft, but give a free pass to Adobe? Hyprocites.

Also, what is it with the lack of Microsoft Technology on SitePoint??? Well, unless it is an IE or Bing hit piece. After all SitePoint is on Adobe’s payroll. I’m second guessing this website, their are better Microsoft News sites elswhere.

I expect my post to be deleted, that comes from a non-credible “news” site. I use that very lightly.

I wouldnt worry about using silver light. As if people are asked to install something they usually will. Which will further increase silverlights reach. The only reason I use a flash player as when I implemented it silverlight didnt yet support h264 and I did not have time. But I will def use silverlight. I have been looking for time to learn it for ages.

Also another thing I will stick with flash, is that the players have been around for a long time and most the bugs and UI issues have been sorted, So i would feel un-easy about building my own player. lol. But I guess it is going to be the only way to learn.

I agree. Everyone hate MS, and I have no idea y. They changing for the better pushing everything hard. And people have no problem with adobe and google as well.

On thing, i think your comment about sitepoint not supporting MS is un-true. I have read tons of MS articles here. If you do not find enough articles. Write some for them. Coz some1 has to write it.

Mabye I came to SitePoint on the wrong time, but I have never seen a .NET article from SitePoint in the last year. Nor do their baised writers care. Sure they made a book on ASP.NET but, they will do anything for a profit.

Let me ask you, how many articles have you seen on SQL Server 2008? I bet my car, you will not see one on SQL Server 2011. Or, how about LINQ? The most innovative piece of technology to come out in years. How about MVC? A young and powerful framework for building websites, with better structure over webforms. Master Pages? User Controls? Generics? Silverlight? ORM? ASP.NET AJAX? ASP.NET/JQuery?....I think you get the point. Absolutly nothing!

Sitepoint doesn’t hide their bias, they cater to the “open source” crowd. I will be straight with you, “closed source” doesn’t mean “close minded”…SitePoint should adopt that. Sorry if I seem like an ***, but the whole community is irking me the wrong way. Take for example, Oracle buying MySQL, why isn’t everyone pissed at that? MySQL is as good as dead, Oracle is going to kill it. Why? Because they are a business, and businesses need to make money. Where is the outrage? Oh I know, because it is not MS. If MS did it, they would picket at their hq. Oracle/MySQL is a prime example of why open-source will NEVER succeed! Hell, if your a big company, just buy the damn thing. Linux is already a failure, I won’t even start on that joke of a topic.

Hey SP, make some damn .NET articles! You know, the technology that is killing everyone else. Yeah, keep pandering to the “hobby” PHP developers.

Here is an idea, update your why .NET is better then PHP…I’m sure I could come up with 999,999 reasons, and why businesses choose .NET over open-source 50:1.

Yes, the articles have been a bit quite lately, but that doesnt mean they are biased towards anything. It just means that they need more .net ppl to write articles for them. I would love to see more .net articles here, but I dnt really mind. As the main reason I come to sitepoint is for the community.

As for the books. They where written by forum users. eg wwb_99. And they are awsome books aimed at helping developers learn. I have read quite a few of their books all of which are awsome. Sure, they make money off it, but so does every other book vendor. And how else do they cover the costs of servers to host this site if they can’t. But saying they do it souly for that reason is unfair.

I see and understand your point. And im with you on the articles front. But no need to start a flame war against them. :).

Anywayz, enough ranting about this. This topic has run a bit of topic. lol.

To answer pavanpuligandla’s Q. There should be a setting to play the videos in the same player instead of linking it to another page.