qury+hyperlink+passing patameter through url

dear friends developing data driven website with n access database

1)plz provide the detail code with inheritence n also import classes

i want to execute insert query in +vb syntax on submit button

  1. if data is store i want to show in table with pages count eg i want to show 10 records per page now all records will b hyperlinked that when i press individual records data will b transfered to next page with id
  2. with the help of id i execute select query n show data in text field
    plz provde me the complete code

table name user_login
fields are Name,User_name,u_passowrd

I don’t think anyone is going to do the work for you. Ever thought of doing a simple search to find your solution?

Yes, no one is going to do that. Try using google as suggested above to get a starting point and try to make it work yourself. Then when you get stuck, post some code here and what your problem is. Then people will be more than wiling to give you a helping hand

Agreed, there are probably some samples and tutorials that are very close to what you are looking for which people HAVE written for you. All you need to do is bother to navigate to Google, pick one of them, and tweak it until it suits your purpose. More than happy to help at that point, but otherwise I’d prefer to work on more interesting projects, thanks.