ASP.NET user control/class

Anybody know of a open-source user control and class that tracks:
-last visit
-number of visits
-pages visited

I am wanting to track that info and tie it into a CRM that I am using.

Searched codeplex, but I dont seem to find anything. Seems like this would be a common thing to do

Trick is it is so common yet so unique that it don’t make sense to build a generic one because it is either too generic or not generic enough.

Anyhow, I’d generally argue that is a problem for your analytics package, not your codebase.

Hate showing my ignorance again …

But what is the difference?

Ahh, I just realized you are meaning a webstat type analytics package (like google analytics). I was thinking there was another development layer I needed to worry about.

Anyway, I am wanting to tie individual (ie ContactID level) web usage stats into a CRM that I have. I wouldnt think there is an analytics package that does that.

Anybody else done that, or does that seem like a stupid idea (wont hurt my feelings - rather know now than after spending more time on it)? My marketing plan is going to be centered around this CRM, and there are certain web pages I want to track if a user goes to, how many times individual users go. Stuff like that.

Well, googe analytics in particular lets you do alot of this stuff – you might want to check out their API.

What you are looking at doing is definitely not a stupid idea, it is just a problem that defies packaged solutions as everyone’s site is a bit different. I would approach it from a message oriented approach – grab the data sometime in the request, push to queue, process queue separately – mainly because you don’t want every request waiting on a CRM system that could be slow or down.