ASP.NET hosting problem

Hello all,

I have created a mvc website and I use as my hosting provider.
I have uploaded all my files to root folder but Website is showing error page only.

I think that the connection string is incorrect, could you please kindly point how to make connection with sql.

I Searched in google, found many links but always failed to do.

Can you provide the ConnectionString you are using now (but remove the username and password)?

It should be in your web.config

But I would also suggest to turn off friendly error messages so that you can see the actual error to make sure what the problem is. Turn it off by adding customeErrors tag in web.config node. Set the mode attribute to off

<customErrors mode="off" />

Oh yes. Also another thing to be aware of is the version of MVC you are using. Shared hosting only supports max MVC 4 and not 5 or 6. Because of the elevated permissions those versions of MVC require. It is not suitable for a shared enviroment. If your host does support it, I would switch hosts, as it could be cause security problems.

So you would then need to either downgrade your MVC version to 4 or get a dedicated server

No… No… My hosting provider has support the latest MVC version. It is working fine. I have contacted their support team and they have give me the solution. My connection string is wrong. :smile:

Thank you all for the reply

Directly contact your web host technical support team to help you resolve your issue. I am new to web hosting so i also have met some issues that i can’t resolve independently. Each time I was in trouble, i contacted my web host. I got instant response and helpful solution from them to deal with my issue. The most efficient way is to contact your web host.

Hi Nina,

Yes, that’s right. Thank you for your response. That’s my fault. My hosting provider assist very fast. I love them. :blush:

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