ASP .NET execution timeout and memory limit

I am new to IIS7 server

I have a ASHX generic handler in ASP.NET, its process some mathematical data

depending on the user data (which is hard to predict), mathematical model can use lot of memory and may put IIS server to hold all the other tasks

I am trying to limit the memory that ASP .NET process can take and setup timeout limit for the max execution time for this .ASHX process

i will be glad if any one can point me to the right direction to resolve this


ASP.NET isn’t php and there are not script timeout/memory limits per se. You can limit the amount of memory the process will use in the app pool, and timeouts can happen in several places.

The right direction is to offload the process into another thread (good) or another process (much better).

Thanks for the reply wwb_99

I was able to setup a schedule task to recycle IIS application pool

this article help me to solve it