Asking for styling tips for the lay-out of my website

I have a few questions for the designers in this community about the lay-out of my website. Do you have any tips and tricks to achieve what I want, because I am quite at a loss right now. I really want to push myself further at design, but somehow I am stuck. Or am I too much a perfectionist?

  • I am quite pleased with the colorscheme, but I would like to give the lay-out a more professional look-and-feel, a more ‘royal’ feeling. How can I achieve this? Any tips?
  • How to make the menu more professional? It’s not bad, but it looks a bit…amateurish. It could be sleeker. Any ideas?
  • Do I need to look critically at my fonts and the styling of headings?

Thanks so much!

We have sections of the forums specifically designed for this purpose.

Design Elements is for specific elements within the page.
Website Reviews is for a wholesale site review - this is probably the one you want…
Content Reviews is for getting reviews of the content itself.

Each forum has a stickied note at the top which explains what it’s for and what needs to be done before a review can be requested.