Asking for a raise

Hi all, I’ve currently been at my job for a year and a half, an agency that deals with more marketing has done websites but when I got the job I was expecting to learn something new and be excited about working at my first agency, instead I was greeted with a ‘your not a programmer’ because after one day of development of a wordpress site, I hadn’t setup pretty links so all links were page?id=132123 which is not a big deal since it was only day of the project and local.

Over time, I have come to learn that not only did the agency know what a web developer does but respect for the profession was zero, as in ‘websites aren’t really important, like print’ okay and i’ve decided to stick around with this agency for a little longer… many reasons, however, every know and then, my boss would read or find out from someone that this technology is new and should be using it, so with that said I’ve had to learn and become proficient a several different CMSs, php, ruby, js, jquery, git, svn, etc but my salary has remained low and my question is, when do you say no to learning new technologies but not getting recognition (at this time, that would come in the form of more money)? Should a developer have to learn the latest CSS3 and responsive design but not get paid a little extra, or is that common now, like html5 is out, go out buy a book, read it and become proficient in html5 yet time spent teaching self is not validated?

So all *****in’ aside, can any relate? are my request justified or just pushing it?

I don’t think this is the time to be asking for raises, maybe Canada is better than Cyprus, no maybe’s about it. Our economy is heading for the toilet at the moment. If your county has a recession like mine I’d be careful on asking for raises.

I always thought it’d just be awkward to ask for a raise. I mean, if it gets to the point where you really need it - go for it, your mindset is almost looking right past it. I just don’t think I could do it. D:

A true story:

I wanted a raise but instead I dropped hints. Hints don’t get the job done. In the end I left the company. I feel if you’re going to ask for a raise be direct.

Personally I don’t think it’s the right time to ask considering this global recession and all that. It depends if the company you work for has enough work coming in to be able to accommodate a raise, or if they’d gladly see you go to hire an outsider. Often companies do not know their own good. Maybe you should go job hunting and when you find a better job leave, but let them know once you’ve got the job that the main reason you’ve left is because of the salary.

I hope this helps.

Thanks for the honest replies guys, I didn’t see the whole recession issue as an obstacle, In Canada it’s not a huge issue as it was maybe a year ago or so, or atleast I don’t feel it. Any Canadian’s on here willing to share your thoughts.

Please don’t follow my advice blindly :smiley:

But I think you should just talk it out. Tell him that you don’t feel recognized. If you’re gonna quit, then try and ask for a raise first. Explain yourself.


Thanks for the honest replies guys, I didn’t see the whole recession issue as an obstacle, In Canada it’s not a huge issue as it was maybe a year ago or so, or atleast I don’t feel it.

Maybe i should move to Canada. Here the recession is worse than ever. :frowning:

If I were you, I will not ask for a raise. Because the possibility of getting it will only be possible if your employer sees that it is the next logical step. But from the way you describe the situation, he really don’t appreciate what you can do and what you do. If you really want a better income, I think it is best to find another job.

If you really want it and you think you deserve it, you should speak it out. I have been in the company for almost 1 year, and i am waitting for new opportunities. If nothing changed, i will take my leave.

Thanks for the replies, I’m sure others have gone through or at least contemplated the idea of asking for a raise, especially when you have gone above and beyond to learn new technologies and skills which in the end have increased sales and clients to the company, it’s only fair that a bone is thrown to the employee at least once in a while.

I think you’ve hit it on the nail. A lack of appreciation is never good, so I feel looking for a job elsewhere might be a better solution, depending on the economic climate!