Askii code number for middot

I am at

I can’t find the askii code number for & middot(·).

Do you know what is the askii code number for & middot(·)?

that’s because it isn’t there

· is an html entity


Ah, I see. thank you very much.

Could just Unicode (UTF-*) and get it that way.

· is an html entiry.

What I want to know is that askii code number for (·) which is expressed · in html entity?

I like to know the askii code number for (·) instead of ·.

It is not in ASCII, it is in an extended character set, or Unicode.

Hm~, I see. Thank you.

Alt-0183 –> ·

Is Alt-0183 a unicode?

Ah, I can write it by typing alt+0183 now.

no, i already gave you the unicode value, it’s on that page

Is the unicode value of alt-0183 ‘·’?

no, it isn’t

(or, at least, if you actually entered the unicode value, i can’t tell, because all i see is the middot character)

the unicode value is given on that page i linked to

Being an ISO-8859-1 (Latin-1) character, it has the same code point in ISO-8859-1 and Unicode.

183 decimal/B7 hex

Normally when you refer to a code point in Unicode you write is as “U+xxxx” where xxxx is the code point in hex, padded to 4 digits if it is less. In this case, “U+00B7”. B7 is 183 in hex.