[ask] How to start design my first cms

hi all,

i have some question and i think i should ask it at sitepoint, today i want to learn to create a cms with my own code and design.

first, i want to know how i can get start to design front end of my cms site? i don’t know to much about design with using photoshop but i can learn it :slight_smile:

second, do you have any photoshop web design reference or some book that give me information and method how to design my first cms?

i think it should enough for my first post in here :slight_smile:

Hi mildfoam. This is a lot to take on. What is your experience with web design? Photoshop is not a web design tool, so it’s better to start thinking in terms of code editors etc. It’s no sall undertaking to build a CMS. It would take years of programming knowhow to do it well. You might be better off looking at something like WordPress and installing a pre-made theme which you can then learn to tinker with.

If you want to learn web design from scratch, check out some of the great SitePoint books that start from the beginning. :slight_smile:

Hi [B][COLOR=#363][B]Ralph.m[/B][/COLOR][/B],

Thanks for your respond, If Photoshop is not web design tools so what about slicing image for web? Whether this is not part of web design? :slight_smile:

Sorry I think I don’t care about how much time that I will take to build my own CMS, I don’t want to use some of already exists CMS software because I’m not blogger and I just want to learn how to build it so I just want to enjoy the process and will share it in the future :slight_smile:

Thanks for your nice answer :slight_smile:

This might also be of interest:



thanks for your appreciate to me [B][COLOR=#363][B]ralph.m[/B][/COLOR][/B] :slight_smile:

You should definitely check out the Site Point Book “Build your own Database Driven Website Using PHP and Mysql” by Kevin Yank. This is an excellent book to start you on your way to building your own CMS.
Good luck