ASAP: Can anyone help me?

Hi all !
I really need help with some tag/script stuff. I’m a newbie on that topic and for a job offer I have to do some things with tags (html I believe?).
Does anyone know the meaning of: UI_G br then there’s a text here br more text here UI_G (they have “< >” before and after)
What do these tags mean? If i’m not mistaken br is to skip a line, right? And the other?
Also, if I have this: some text here .\n\n more text. Does it mean skipping two lines?

Thanks in advance for your help ! Really need it and appreciate it.

The <br> tags are line breaks.

I have no idea what UI_G is, does not sound like any html element.
Do you have a sample of this code?

UI usually means user interface. IDK, perhaps UI_G means graphical UI.

\n is a new line character in PHP

Thank you so much for your quick reply !
Actually, they just gave me a text to translate with “<“UI_G”>”<“br”>" Random text here “<“br”>” More random text here “<“br”>” more text “<”/UI_G">". All that without the quotation marks.

Thanks ! By that, concerning the UI, should something in the text be modified? I’m not sure to have understood it.

As @SamA74 says we really need to see the code in context to make any sense of it.

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The problem is that I do not have any context, I was just sent this. I’ll send them an email asking them that.
Anyways, thank you very much for your help !

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They may simply be trying to tell if you recognize the difference between a real HTML element and a phony element.

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Hi @ToBeBueno, about the “<UI_G> </UI_G>” tags:

AFAIK, there are no tags or element names that contains an underscore in any published DTD. No Doc-type markup declaration or Name-space documant has names with underscore.

Possibly that “element” tag is a typo, or a noob misunderstanding, and should instead be e.g: <p class="UI_G"> </p>

If that name could be used for an element in a markup document of any sort it must link to a namespace that has the “UI_G” name as a costume declaration.
Example read:

Translating the “text” as you were asked to:

<UI_G><br>Random text here <br>  More random text here <br>  more text </UI_G>

If that text/code snippet would be “translated” by a browser it would be this:

Random text here
More random text here
more text

Please do inform them that:
The <UI_G> and </UI_G> is simply ignored while the <br> is translated to line-breaks. Though the wordprocessor equvalent “CR/LF” would actually close the current text paragraph and further typing should start a new, In html that would be <p> and </p>

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