AS3/Flash preloader needed to work with larger video

Hi guys,
I’m new to as3 and am having a hard time putting all the pieces together to get what I need for a preloader in flash cs4 to work the way I need it in conjunction with a promo video.

The site I’m working on is “” and you can see what I’ve got there.

What I have is this: A preloader.swf that references and then loads the promo.swf via as3. Theoretically the loader shows percentage as the promo.swf loads and then plays the video and the preloader.swf removes itself. Then the promo.swf actually has a call to an flv file that is about 9MB since apparently embedding an flv in the actual fla file causes sync issues. I suspect that the preloader might be loading based on the swf completing loading and not the external flv, which gives me a hug gap in play time, which is obviously undesirable.

What I want is this: A simple preloader “LOADING…100%” that syncs with the loading of the flv file, not just the promo swf which is simply the swf that calls for the flv. Does that make sense?

I may be configuring or thinking about this entire thing wrong and just want to get something up that will show a preloader and additionally have the main promo video load faster than what it is now (I can handle a slightly lower rez if it will help).

I’ve followed a ton of tutorials, but there’s always one thing missing or different than what I’m doing that seems to mess up the rest. Can anyone rescue me?