AS2 - Zoom and Drag help needed

I’m not experienced with Flash, just at initial stage. I’ve download the following file and need some changes in it.

The main file loads multiple SWF files and shows as thumbnails. Clicking on any of the thumbnail will zoom it (that is actually a site page/screen). In zoom-in state, user can drag the layout to bring the other screen/page in front. There is also a navigation panel comes in the top right corner.

I want that navigation panel to show the pages name like Home, About us, Contact … etc. If I add more SWF file to the main file, that navi panel displays icons for all the pages, I only want to show the basic 5 or 6 pages names.

Secondly, if some page has a link to another page, i.e Home page has link to ‘contact us’ page, clicking on that link will bring the contact us page by dragging in the zoom-in state.

Please help me in this or refer me to some tutorial, I’ll really very greatfull.