As web designers, what are the best tools that can replace Photoshop?

We web designers use photoshop for wire-framing, drawing mockups, etc. I simply need something that can replace Photoshop. Either online or offline tool. So, what are the tools you use?

Why are you leaving/not using photoshop? Is it because its not free or because its not got what you are looking for?

If its because it isn’t free, try out gimp. I used it before I got photoshop and it’s the closest I know of for free. Another alternative I have heard of is sketch. Its not free though, and I think it might only be for mac. More information on it can be found here.

I would really recommend photoshop though, as now that adobe brought out brackets it makes it a much better option, as you can have the photoshop file open in a split screen with the code, and it recommends you on css dependent on the layer selected. Also brackets is completely free, without a creative cloud membership.

Yep the biggest reason is the price :slight_smile: Tahnks!

No problem :slight_smile: The price is quite high, I can’t afford it straight up so I pay £8 a month to get it on my PC and Laptop.

@TobyHall2000 - is that the Student Discount rate you’re paying?

Nope, I pay for the photography plan, which is £8.57 a month and includes Photoshop CC and Light room.

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Hmm… so no one use web based mockup tools? :slight_smile:

Pixelmator, Corel PaintShop, Sketch are the best and i hope this url useful for more info,

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