As search engines Do not detect backend site

I finish Building a and com
Property Rentals
FrontEnd & Backend
Frontend in plain Bootstrap 3.5
Backend in CakePHP / Foundation
Well what to do in BACKEND CakePHP AND what meta data to give in default php layout as search engines Do not detect it???
Can leave like now - Not added anything- default CakePHP meta…?

HI developerlse welcome to the forum

I’m not clear about what you’re asking.

Search engines should have access to the files that typical visitors have access to.

Typical visitors do not have access to server-side (backend) code files, nor do they have access to Admin pages.

If I understand what you’re asking, then as far as backend and admin, yes.

Title meta is CakePHP… ok I will like is thanks

I don’t know what you mean by “title meta”.

Every page should have, and in fact requires, a <title> in the <head>

If the backend code is outputting page HTML similar to

<title>Page Title</title>

that is, with a title tag - then you should be good to go.
If it isn’t you’re going to have problems,

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