As an SEO Team Leader, What should I do?

I want some help here concerning SEO team leard’s tasks.
My project manager promoted me to team leader to handle a customer’s project, that’s a good thing
The worst is that I don’t how to do a team leader tasks. :confused: :confused:
What I was doing was submission and content writing and all this beginner’s things, Now I’m supposed to collect data and analyze it to determine how to increase traffic, short and simple, Create a strategy.

To make it easier for you I’ll mention my problems in points:
1- What data I should be extracting or focus on (is it bounce rate, back links, social activity … ???)
2- How to put this data into use
3- How can I work on the results

Just 2 things I want to mention
- My team leader was transferred to the other branch so I have no one to ask for an advice.
- I’m very good using Google Analytics and webmaster tools.

Thank you so much and I’d really appreciate your help.

My project manager promoted me to team leader … The worst is that I don’t how to do a team leader tasks.

Well, the obvious solution is to go and talk to your project manager. Explain that you don’t know what is expected of you, and you need advice in carrying out your role. It will be in everyone’s interested (including the project manager’s) to make sure that you do your job effectively, and you can’t do that if you don’t know what you are expected to do.

If your project manager can’t help you, then it’s certain that no-one in this form will be able to either.


Ideally you manager should train you, as he’ll already be aware of your caliber, that’s why you’ve been promoted. Go and talk to your manager about this and request him to assist you (Don’t ask for spoon feeding). You can start reading articles posted on various sites and blogs about project management, etc.

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