AS 2.0 Add anchor to dynamic generated url

so i have this flash file where you write a msg and hit a button and the msg displays in another flash movie on another page. (the url contains the msg)

as i came in conflict with the design i need to add a anchor to this dynamic generated url, how do we do this so the anchor is added to the end of the url?
it seems like i only get the anchor appear after the .php part, which is not right…

should look like this: ecard2.php?messagefromtextfield#anchor

closest i get is: ecard2.php#anchor?messagefromtextfield

gotta be a way to do this…

actionscript used:

on (release)
    getURL("http://mydomain/ecard/ecard2.php", "_blank", "GET");

thanks in advance :slight_smile:


yeah, i got that part. it’s adding the anchor that is the problem.

You’d want something like:


In the page.php you can echo the content:

echo $_GET['message']; //textfromfield

Don’t forget to filter! :]