/articletitle/ vs /articletitle/2334 vs

I am unable to use www.domainname.com/articletitle

So I have the following options:

/articletitle/2334 (the number as article id)
/354/articletitle (the number as article id)

I am guessing that www.domainname.com/some/ would be the best and as good as www.domainname.com/some

I am just not sure if there is any negative side of using slash at the end because it seems like directory and not static file. Will this make ANY difference for Google?

And secondly, I am not absolute sure if I will be able to use even www.domainname.com/articletitle/.

So in which order would you put the mentioned solutions? I think the following, am I right?

  1. /articletitle/
  2. /articletitle/2334
  3. /categoryname/articletitle
  4. /3543/articletitle

Sorry Blue, but I’m going to disagree with you there - although from a usability perspective rather than an SEO one. While Google won’t care which URL structure you use, people visiting your site might do.

I would not require a trailing slash on the URL - a lot of people are so habituated into leaving off the trailing slash (as any properly set up site will accept that and add the trailing slash) that if they are typing it in, they won’t include it … and so will get a 404 error.

The question is … why can’t you just have domain.com/articlename? That’s the sensible, obvious and most user-friendly format (unless you are going to have such a huge site that sub-sections become essential).

I would set it up with no trailing slash and use the .htaccess file to keep it that way when people link to me. At least that’s what I’ve done in the past with certain sites. As for anything else it helps to have the article title in the URL but it’s not really really important. Title tags and great on point links are what’s really going to matter.

What I meant was it doesn’t matter whether it’s domain.com/section/article, or domain.com/2010/09/08/article:slight_smile:

The URL structure doesn’t really matter so any of your choices will work just fine. If you can, choose one format and stick to it to avoid too many duplicates.

If I could choose one from your list I’d go for /categoryname/articletitle - but if I wanted to go for inclusion in something like Google news they require a minimum 4 digit number somewhere in the URL (I think it’s a min of 4 anyway).