Article: Uploading Files with Paperclip

An excerpt from, by Ilya Bodrov-Krukowski

Some time ago I wrote Better File Uploads with Dragonfly and Asynchronous File Uploads in Rails, two articles that covered Dragonfly, a nice gem to handle various attachments. In this article I am going to introduce Paperclip by Thoughtbot – probably, the most popular and feature-rich solution for integrating file uploading and management into an application.

One of the great things about Paperclip is its large and active community – this gem is constantly being updated and that’s really important. You don’t want to use a solution that will be abandoned in a year, do you?

We are going to observe all the main features of Paperclip and create a pretty simple but useful app featuring:

  • Basic file uploading
  • Validations and callbacks
  • Post-processing (with
    thumbnail generation)
  • Amazon S3

I will give you all necessary info to start off really quick and also present links for further reading.

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