Article: The Divi WordPress Theme: Changing the Way You Blog

An excerpt from , by James George

If you aren’t familiar with Divi, it’s a WordPress theme I covered a while back. The Divi WordPress theme is a great starting point for any website. It has one of the best drag
and drop page builders for building your own custom layouts.

Rakhitha Nimesh wrote about the power of WordPress page builders in an article published earlier this year, exploring some of the popular plugins that enable page building functionality. He also covered some of the pros and cons, but love them or hate them, page builders
are here to stay.

Divi uses modules that you insert and stack on top of each other to build your own custom design. You can tweak nearly every aspect of the page’s look, including fonts, colors, images, animations, and more. Each module even has a section where you can add IDs and classes to
elements, giving you the ability to customize your site, right down to the last detail. Up until now, this feature was only available for pages. The blog was left fairly standard, and the only way to customize it was to hack at the CSS yourself. With the new Divi update, they have
completely changed the way you blog.

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