Article: The Best Free Minimalist WooCommerce Themes

An excerpt from, by @adaivanoff

If you’re used to the abundance of free WordPress themes, you might expect to have the same choice with WooCommerce. After all, it’s the most popular WordPress ecommerce plugin (we’ve got a nice introduction to WooCommerce if you want to come up to speed). Unfortunately, the choice of free themes created especially for WooCommerce isn’t as large as the choice for WordPress itself.

As a result, when you want a minimalist theme for your WooCommerce site, you have two options. The first one is to (heavily) modify an existing WooCommerce theme and make it suit your needs.

The second approach is to adapt a general WordPress theme. Basically, photography or image gallery types of themes are easier to adapt, but even a blog theme, or a magazine type of theme can sometimes do the trick.

There is always the risk the adapted theme might not function properly. However, in some cases you simply need to go this route. For example, if your WooCommerce store is part of your WordPress blog, then for consistency, you might want to use the same theme on both of them.

When I say there aren’t as many free themes for WooCommerce as there are for WordPress, this doesn’t mean there aren’t dozens, if not hundreds of them. However, not all of them are truly minimalist or totally free. Some of them, for instance this one are free as a sample only, but no personal or commercial use is permitted.

After these clarifications, let’s now proceed to the list of free minimalist WooCommerce themes I’ve picked for you.

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