Article submission question

Which is better?

  1. submitting an article to 100 different sites using the same article

  2. Submit an article to just a small amount of sites (to avoid spamming)

I suggest you read details on Google’s new content farm update, then decide for yourself.

Google Forecloses On Content Farms With “Farmer” Algorithm Update

This part is mildly interesting, not for this forum really, but for those posting here before they scrolled down to the SEO forum.

This was a pretty targeted launch: slightly over 2% of queries change in some way, but less than half a percent of search results change enough that someone might really notice. The net effect is that searchers are more likely to see the sites that wrote the original content rather than a site that scraped or copied the original site’s content.
– Google Forecloses On Content Farms With “Farmer” Algorithm Update

In other words, writers find this a non issue.

Oh it is indeed for this forum! Thank you for posting it and maybe we can rid ourselves of all the article submission site posts and get to talking about Content for Your Site, which is the topic of this forum!

I might be missing something…

I am manually submitting my OWN articles to these site

But, should I submit to just 3 sites or like 100 or what?

IMO, you shouldn’t be using these sites at all. Add your articles to your own website. If they are good, they will show your authority on your subject matter to your visitors as well as to the search engines. Authoritative sites have more weight with the search engines and are an excellent way to generate organic backlinks, which are the best kind.

Alternatively, if you can write good articles, you might contact a site that publishes articles within your field of interest and ask them if they would be interested in an article or blog “guest post” from you. For instance, SitePoint has a number of blogs that are all things webs. To be published in one of them gives authors instant recognition as knowledgeable in their respective fields.

Submit an article to just a small amount of sites (to avoid spamming)

Keeping the recent Google’s farmer update in mind,
you don’t have to submit same article on 10’s or 100’s of sites or else you will end up in nothing but wain!

I would recommend you to submit single article to hardly 3-5 top article sites such as EZA, articlebase etc.

In-spite of the farmer update, EZA is still serving millions of page views daily…
[i have read somewhere that their traffic has almost been cut to half since the update]

“Good content will get recogized and will promote itself”. I forget where I read that but it really should change your focus from quantity to quality. Hope that helps.

I am not good at this but I suggest you better submit your entry to article submission directories as many as you can. This is a simple yet effective method of crafting a one-way link exchange process in which you are generating an increase in your site’s backlinks.

It will not be considered as spam as long as the content of your article follows a high standard and good quality content. Remember that writing can be a good form in internet marketing. Through the credibility and authority that content marketing creates, it will knock down your business sales resistance.

According to me “Submit an article to just a small amount of sites” is good option. When we are go to submit an article we should use only good article directories such as ezinearticles, go article etc.

Submitting articles, to some sites are enough, Submitting to 100 or 200 sites will we considered as spamming, And I believe submitting article to new article submission sites is as good as nothing :goof:

better for what? Backlinking or to generate traffic from article sites? Many of the article directories are worth posting on if you are looking for directory traffic. Just a handful of them get decent traffic. A lot of things have changed for the article directories since the Panda update.

in my opinion second one will be right:
2) Submit an article to just a small amount of sites (to avoid spamming)


It totally depend on your article. If you are doing article submission then your content should be relevant and good. Because when crawler crawls your website or article. it will keep you on top when you have chosen correct words and content for your article.

Well, it depends on what you want.

Page rank? More traffic? …

Of course the two do go together, but page rank brings in very little traffic. Posting your articles in a slew of sites, (news, entertainment, how-to…) brings in a hell of a lot more traffic.

Plus it gives you credibility as a writer, since so many webmasters want to carry your articles.

You always want to submit your articles to as many sites as you can.

And that is not “spamming.”

I am looking to rank higher on two keywords

Top restaurant NYC - currently 5th
Local restaurant NYC - currently 6th

Obviously, I have a few more keywords I want to improve on as well

Many times being at the top isn’t always best.

When doing a search, just about all of us go to more than one site, and not that many go back to the first one visited, so you could very well be in a good spot … especially if your “description” is an eye-catcher.

Since your post #17 appears that you are looking for SEO strategies rather than content writing tips, I will move this thread to SEO.


Write the Fresh Quality Content and submit in the one article website alone. Which help to rank better in the SERP.

Before, I used to submit my articles to eZine and it work wonders. Now, I’m not passing to it anymore. Instead, I guest post to a related niche blog which I hope will help more. :slight_smile: