Article spinner

Can anyone recommend a good article spinner that allows you to keep the key words?

Not sure what you mean by “keeping the keywords” - but if you’re after a article writer, Web Content forum is probably what you’re looking for :slight_smile:

A article spinner is basically where you take a perfectly nice article from someone that put in a lot of time and effort to create original content, throw it in a blender, then serve up the chopped up and unintelligible result as your own creation.

You shouldn’t be using them.

About “keeping the keywords,” you just have to exclude 'em in the brackets in a “spintax.” Don’t get me wrong guys. Knowing this doesn’t mean I’m actually doing this.

samanime got it right. That’s why you’re going to have to check your spun content before submitting. But I don’t really recommend using that kind of technique at all because it’s definitely much better if you’re going to generate your own genuine content without having to check for spinning errors.

Create your own and unique article don’t use article spinner tool for the reason behind that manually created article is better than auto generated article.

What i understand by article spineer is a practice which is viod. We sholud not practice this and it may have serious consequences.

The are various article spinners are available at net, you can sear with “free article spinner tool” , but i suggest to check your article in copyscape beforer publishing it at your website.

Sorry, but this question goes against most ethical SEO/Internet Marketing practices. It’s a waste of peoples times, often is copyright infringement (if the source is not your own), and basically just bad form.

If you have a SPECIFIC question with a VALID reason why to do something like this, then feel free to repost that more specific question.

In the meantime, THREAD CLOSED.