Article: Shelly Cloud: Deploy a Rails App in Less Than 5 Minutes

An excerpt from, by @JesseHerrick

2 weeks gone, 1 app ready for production. What now? It’s time to deploy the app on a server. But you’re a developer, you can’t be expected to know everything about managing a VPS for a Rails app. Shelly Cloud is here to help. Shelly Cloud is a hosted developer platform for deploying Ruby or Ruby on Rails apps. If you’ve used Heroku before, it’s the same concept; just git push and you have a deployed app.

This concept is called Platform as a Service (a.k.a PaaS). In contrast to Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting, PaaS configures the hardware and a deployment platform for you, whereas you must configure your own with a VPS. With a VPS, you must scale the application yourself. But with PaaS, this scaling is done for you as your traffic grows.

Shelly Cloud is a PaaS that does a lot for you; git-based deployment and various forms of scaling are the main ones. Shelly also includes various services (like databases) that are setup
for you automatically. Sound awesome? Let’s deploy an app to Shelly Cloud.

As with any service, you’ll need an account. Shelly Cloud is not free, so check out their pricing and get signed up if you want to follow along

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