Article: Nine Fiverr Gigs That Save me $6,642 per Month

An excerpt from, by Ryan Stewart

Over the past 14 months, I’ve spent $5,008.50 on Fiverr. That’s more than 1,000 gigs.

Five-thousand dollars seems like a lot to spend on Fiverr, right?

Not really. This $5,000 has saved my business tens of thousands of dollars on costly freelancers.

I made a bold claim in the headline – that I saved $6,642 per month using Fiverr – and I intend to back that up.

In this post, you’ll learn:

  • The keys to success on Fiverr
  • Nine gigs that deliver tremendous value for $5 (and links to each gig)
  • The comparable costs of the same gigs across the web (Google search or Elance)

The Keys to Fiverr

For the sake of this post, I’m only covering nine of my favorite Fiverr gigs, but there are hundreds more that can provide incredible value to your business. Here are a few tips for working Fiverr.

1. Know Which Gigs to Steer Clear of

Yes, there is a lot of spam on Fiverr, but there is also a lot of amazing deals. You just have to know exactly what you need.

Bad Gigs:

  • Real social media followers
  • Any sort of backlinks for SEO purposes
  • Submission gigs (press releases, infographics, document sharing sites)
  • Blog or social media shares with a huge audience
  • Business plans, financial advice
  • Anything that you know can’t be done for $5

Good Gigs:

  • Basic design work, such as logos, banner ads, image optimization and business card design
  • Video editing, video introductions, voiceovers
  • Simple Photoshop tasks, such as photo touchups, dropping out backgrounds, etc.
  • Data entry, such as Excel tasks, social media scheduling, virtual assistant work, etc.
  • Basic web development, troubleshooting, Google Analytics implementations, etc.

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