Article: How to Get Ideas: A Proven Framework for Success

An excerpt from, by @LaurenH

I know how to get absolutely amazing and revolutionary ideas. It doesn’t require any illegal drugs; just a good ole’ traditional process.

Yeah, I know, I know – the latter seems so lame compared to the prior, but hey, that’s a whole different animal.

In this post, you will learn a technique for producing ideas that will make you so good, you’ll leapfrog over the people who have been diligently practicing this process for years.

Ready. Set. Ideate!


The Pareto Principle

According to The Pareto Principle, there are two types of people – speculators and rentiers.

Speculators are the rebels. They’re the ones who can’t leave well enough alone and who speculate how to change anything and everything that isn’t working. They are obsessively preoccupied with the possibilities of new combinations.

On the opposite end of the spectrum are rentiers. Rentiers are stereotypical banker or consultant types. They’re steadily consistent routine-followers. Rentiers are unimaginative conservatives, who speculators manipulate.

For the sake of you reading this post, I hope you’re a member of the first group because that’s who this one is for – the speculators.

Two Principles of Idea Generation

Learning is comprised of two things:

  • Principles
  • Methods

Just like you’d learn anything in life, you’ll learn the idea generation process the same way so first let’s detail the principles of this technique then move on to the method.

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Thanks for sharing. I also have a content on ideas (ideas for companies, products and services). Where do ideas come from?

Huh, very interesting and useful information. Only our ideas can help us to develop! Thanks for the shearing!

I’m glad to find your article and hope that these tips will help me in searching for the ideas concerning the development of marketing strategy for my website.

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