Article: Developers upset about PHP 6.0

This thread is for comments on what we think about the PHP 6.0 developments.

For reference, here a recent article:

I could not bother to read that…wall of text is not fun to read. Maybe if it was broken down into clear and concise points…Otherwise it is painful.

There is infact not much that is going to be in PHP 6 that has not been put into 5.3. Except for the one thing that I really want, full Unicode support.

I thought the same thing. I could not get pass the half of the first paragraph.

So, long story short, do I have this right? Nobody was working on the PHP 6 branch, so one of the developers started a new branch, PHP 5.4 instead.

Yes, but only temporarily. They then started a new 6.0 trunk from 5.3, effectively starting all over again, keeping the old 6.0 trunk aside on a separate branch to pull across bits and pieces as need be.

They’re really going to have to knuckle down and get the whole unicode situation sorted out.