Article: CoDesign Tools: Is it Time to Switch?

An excerpt from, by @richajn

When it comes to web design, most of the actual design work is still done with tools like PhotoShop and Illustrator, and only later translated to code.

We seem to be stuck in a time warp – still using graphic design tools for web design.

Designing for the web is a whole different ball game. The nuances are different from general graphic design. Designing a layout that’s responsive, designing for conversion, designing for user experience are all part of the game.

And yet we’re stuck using tools from the last century (well, almost) for modern web design. Isn’t it high time we moved on to more modern tools, that were actually meant for web design?

In the past, Wix, Weebly and a host of other website builders hit the scene, but left much to be desired in terms of true design freedom and control. Collectively, they left such a bad taste that many web designers shun any kind of website ‘builder’ tool even today.

But we know technology improves and software gets better. Perhaps it’s time to revisit visual website builders?

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