Article: Card Tricks: Using Cards in Web Design Layouts

An excerpt from, by @Simone

From social networks to news websites, from online stores to common sites, cards are omnipresent on the web these days.

The rise of mobile technologies, bit by bit, led towards a new architecture of websites to the point that responsive design and adaptability are now a must. This contributed to the success of “cards” which are one of the top design trends in 2015.

However, we can be reasonably certain that cards are not just a passing design fad, but they will be the future of web development as they are provide one of the best ways to organize and display content in a coherent fashion.

So, in this article I’m going to explain you what “card design” is, and how it impacts on how you design.

Let’s go!

##Card Design Through the Ages

Ancient Chinese playing cards: via Strangehistory

Although cards have now become very popular in web design, they have been an effective mean of visual communication for at least a thousand years. Firstly introduced as a game in 9th century Imperial China, cards later became useful in the business world.

Indeed, in the 17th century, “trade cards” made their first appearance in London to help people find business: they were an early example of the modern “business cards”.

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