Article: Atomic OOBEMITSCSS

Extract from SitePoint article “Atomic OOBEMITSCSS” by Una Kravets

Published July 7, 2015

People love naming things. And developers love acronyms. And thus here we are, finding ourselves with all of these CSS naming conventions and methodologies: BEM, SMACSS, Point North, ITCSS, OOCSS, Title CSS, Idiomatic CSS, Atomic Design, SUIT CSS, Kickoff CSS, etc.

We often hear “Are you using OOCSS or BEM?” but these things are not mutually exclusive. In fact, most of the time, we’re taking concepts and ideas of the aforementioned ideologies, and mixing them up, customizing them to suit (no pun intended) our own needs.

So what have I been using these days? Well that would be Atomic OOBEMITSCSS. Yep. Atomic OOBEMITSCSS.

The first time I heard this ridiculous term was from a tweet via Dan Eden, who tweeted:

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I guess I’m used to ‘mnemonic soup’ working on IT within the aerospace sector, but even so all of this takes some getting your head around, especially when they get concatenated into something much, much longer. Articles like this help enormously in getting from the seemingly impenetrable & arcane, and back to something that looks more akin to plain English. I think what I enjoyed more than the actual code, was the thinking behind the way it was structured. Definitely worth a read.

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