Article: 7 reasons to give away a branded eBook to your customers for Christmas

It is interesting idea to brand an eBook and send as a greeting to your subscriebrs for Christmas <snip/>

Is anybody using this strategy? What are the results?

SitePoint gives away free sample chapters of it’s books and even an entire book compiled from contributions of forum members - Thinking Web: Voices Of The Community

Results? I don’t know, but it can’t hurt offering it.

Sending as a greeting to subscribers? Why not “offer” instead of “sending”, leaving the decision up to them?

Wjy not test it for yourself? Go ahead and give the book to a sample of your subscribers. And then see what benefit it brings. If the benefit justifies the cost and effort, do it with the rest of your subscribers. If not, write it off to experience.

What you shouldn’t do is to email a large ebook to people without asking their permission first. Better to give them a link from where they can download it if they wish, at a time that suits them.