Article: 10 Essential Atom Add-ons

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GitHub’s Atom is rapidly maturing into one of the best code editors available. While it lost to Sublime Text in last year’s SitePoint Smackdown, many issues no longer exist:

  • version 1.0 has been released
  • it’s easy to install on Windows, Mac and Linux
  • speed has significantly improved, and
  • it’s still free but betters many commercial offerings.

The number of add-ons has increased exponentially, with more than 750 themes and 2,400 packages at the time of writing. The reason: Atom can be extended using web technologies. If you’re working on Node.js or front-end projects, Atom is a great choice.

Package installation is simple. You can either:

  • open the + Install panel in the Settings tab then search for a package by name, or
  • install from the command line using apm install <package-name>.

Here are ten essential add-ons, plus a few bonus ones, to make Atom even better …

1. Seti UI and Themes

Themes are subjective, and I’d normally avoid recommending one. However, Seti makes Atom look gorgeous and includes a wide range of icons for file types including SCSS, LESS, JSON, grunt configuration, gulp configuration and more. Combine it with the Monokai theme for a Sublime-busting experience:

Atom Seti UI and Monokai theme

2. Open Recent

Like Sublime, Atom uses simple folder-based project management. The Open Recent package makes it easy to jump to recently used folders or files:

If you require something a little more sophisticated, try Project Manager:

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