Arrow in Dropdown Selection

Hello so I want to put in my own arrow in my dropdown menu and
I have it in there but its not showing when I say no-repeat in my code. PAGE

.select {
    -webkit-appearance: none;  /*Removes default chrome and safari style*/
     -moz-appearance: none;  /*Removes default style Firefox*/
    background-image: url("") no-repeat  ;

background-image can only contain the URL of the image. Not background-repeat as well (the “no-repeat” value).

You are trying to combine background-image and background-repeat properties together into background-image.

Change it to the shorthand (background) (where you can combine multiple values).


ah ok.

was the background-image combined with no-peat used before? I know Ive seen it before…

Nope. That would be impossible :slight_smile: .

background-repeat:no-repeat is valid / maybe what you’re thinking of though.

hmm ok then :smiley:

Yeah possibly could have gotten them mixed up.

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