Are Your Friends Closer Than Your Family?

I find that me and my direct (parents, sister, and brother) family are each closer to our own individual friends than we are to our indirect family members (aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews, nieces, etc). And I find it a tad bit disturbing really! :eek: We contact our friends and talk to them almost everyday, we do all sorts of favours for them, we spend time with them, and so on. But when it comes to our other family members we usually only speak over the phone in a family emergency, a get-together, or a family celebration / event.

Maybe it’s just my family that are like this :confused: or maybe it happens with others too? I don’t think it’s anything to be ashamed of or embarrassed about, just something to think about and take action on.

What about you? Are your friends closer than your family?

Andrew Cooper

Family must be prioritized first than to somebody else. I am very much close with my family. We have a very good relationships. We love one another so much.

I would like to say that sometimes i am closer to my friends than my family on something , because i prefer to talk with my friends than my family about my idea , maybe there is a gad between me and my family .

Yeah, I’m close with my family, don’t know if a friend could ever be as close as a family member. Even if you have kept in touch with a family member, you still have the family connection that brings you together.

Family is important for one,because we only have one family,but we have many friends.

That’s cool John. My family is really nice… but we’re in a constant fight… I like them very much but in the distance :lol:

It depends which family member in my case, I get on with my mum and granny really well.

In respect to my sister and dad (however), I would happily trade a friend for them any-day! :smiley:

Family is very important, I put the family first

Let’s make our families more friendly…

[FONT=“Georgia”]Hey, “family” are just people too.

And with people you always have likable ones, and irritating ones, whether they’re related to you or not.


what friends? :shifty:

Agreed there molona! So many arguments over the most trivial things, so much damn conflict over tiny and silly things. When you look things over in the future the things from the past seem so funny, but they can easily be avoided if people just think…Is this really a big deal? Do we need an argument over this?! I never argue with my friends about anything, why? They don’t argue with me! We know that there isn’t anything worth arguing over, but when it comes to family members…ARGUMENTS AND CHAOS ENSUES! :eek:

I absolutely agree, but sometimes I find that we’re much closer to our own friends than we are to our family. For example, there are some friends that probably know me much better than my direct family members do, the same goes for my teachers - Teachers know a hell of a lot of things about their students that family members have no clue about. I guess you share different things with friends, colleagues, teachers, and family members. I just think families could be much closer with each other. It seems natural though that family members will always have arguments though and that friends will always end up being closer!

Andrew Cooper

Not really, they are still my family and treatment should be different from my friends.